Thursday, October 30, 2008

Uhh, My idears

So far I got plans for or am working on

1) Big creepy dude coming out of wall
2)Little harmless dudes being scary in pictures
3)Twisted childrens book
4)Nightlight (that I have to construct) with creepy dudes inside making creepy shadows
5)Shadow box things with creepy dudes
6)Action figures of creepy dudes (this one is still mostly a maybe, if you got a better idea, gimme)


Candice Czyrnik said...

I think you should come up with a new name for these guys besides "creepy dudes.":) Reading this makes me laugh.. oh steph

leandra urrutia said...

hi there steph-
I agree with candice. renaming the way you refer to these pieces will help you to start thinking about them differently. the work has a lot of potential, but i think we are passed the immediate 'creepy' factor. don't you?

Stephanie the Elder said...

Yeah, I does need them a name... The fat guy is Mr. Lumps!! But I guess that's no good either? Jeez. Okay, I'll try and think of something, or perhaps use my minor etymology skillz to make something up.